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Critical Perspectives Course

Critical Perspectives is a for-credit course designed to apply a critical lens to the ways in which we have been socialized to think and understand leadership and traditional leadership theory.

The course is built on the following assumptions of leadership:

  • Leadership is a process;
  • Everyone has the capacity to be a leader;
  • Leadership is not positional;
  • The historical representation of leaderrship and subsequent development of leadership theory is rooted in oppression;
  • In order to create liberative leadership education opportunities, we must center the voices of marginalized communities in our theory, pedagogy, and design.

Eligibility to Participate

Open to all undergraduate students; no prerequisites to enroll.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking this class, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Critique the social location of information they receive from a critical lens
  • Articulate their own personal leadership style
  • Create a liberative leadership curriculum for a group or organization on campus

Course Registration

To register during course registration, search for "Critical Perspectives" under course listing ASCI 122.


Fall 2022

  • This course will not be offered this quarter. 
For More Information

Contact: Tania Torres