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Academic Integrity of AI

AI2: Artificial Intelligence x Academic Integrity

As the School of Engineering strives to educate the whole person to solve society’s most complex problems, guided by our core values of iCARE, we are committed to embracing every available tool that enhances this educational journey. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) exemplified by ChatGPT holds promise for accelerating the discovery of new knowledge. On the other hand, when students employ AI as a substitute for the rigorous engagement with their coursework, it may bypass essential learning objectives and undermine the educational mission of the School.

In recognition of the diverse learning outcomes and teaching styles of our instructors, we empower instructors to establish their own course policies regarding student use of generative AI, including prohibiting or permitting some or all uses of such tools. Whatever any given individual instructor decides should be clearly communicated to students in course materials. Absent an explicit statement from a course instructor, use of or consultation with generative AI shall be treated analogously to assistance from another person. Students who are unsure of policies regarding generative AI tools are encouraged to ask their instructors for clarification. In cases where students use generative AI in a way that violates an instructor’s articulated policy, the procedures outlined in Academic Integrity Protocol, as administered by the Office of the Provost, will be used to resolve the matter.

AI Image(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Since generative AI is an emerging and evolving technology, the School actively encourages our faculty to begin to learn more about it so that they can adeptly adapt their pedagogy and research strategies. To facilitate this process, we have curated an extensive resource repository known as AI^2, replete with FAQs, sample syllabus statements, insights on discipline-specific uses of generative AI, useful references, and more. The repository will be continuously updated to support and empower our faculty as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AI in their teaching and research. 

As we continue to monitor advancements in AI tools and their application in academic settings, this policy may be subject to updates. We value input from all members of the School, and encourage them to share their insights, suggestions, and comments to refine and improve this guidance over time. Together, we can ensure that generative AI remains a responsible and effective resource within our educational endeavors.


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