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Fellowships are merit-based awards that offer financial support for undergraduate or postgraduate study and research.   

There are a wide range of fellowships. In these pages we describe some of the most common opportunities our students pursue, but these lists are not comprehensive, so we encourage students to search beyond these pages.

As you explore these lists, you’ll see that some fellowship competitions are for post-graduate opportunities and tend to be applied for in the senior year or after students have graduated, while others are competitions for students in their sophomore or junior years.  Among the opportunities for current students, some fund summer activities while others are for the school year, and some are internal fellowships while others are external to the university. Some begin with an internal process and require support from the OSF, while others can be pursued independently.  Some fellowships fund domestic pursuits, while others are for international opportunities. Some are tailored to a particular discipline while others are much broader in their reach. Finally, some come with contractual obligations, while others do not.

We encourage any student interested in pursuing fellowships to familiarize themselves with these opportunities and to begin planning an application strategy as far in advance as possible.  It is never too early to begin, as some of the most prestigious opportunities look for a long track record of activity in a chosen field. Some students aiming for one of these fellowships carefully plan their time throughout their undergraduate careers, pursuing summer projects, research opportunities, internships and jobs which make them better candidates.  Other students follow their passions throughout their undergraduate careers, then find fellowships for which they are well suited.

Undergraduate Opportunites

There are fellowship opportunities that students can participate in during their undergraduate careers.

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Major Graduate Opportunities

These are the most common and highest profile post-graduate fellowship opportunities. Students apply for these during their senior year or after they graduate, but we encourage you to explore them at any time during your undergraduate career.

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Public Service Opportunities

This is a selection of programs aimed at students pursuing careers in public service, such as jobs in government or with non-profit organizations.

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Internal Opportunities

Internal Opportunities are offered by various units on campus. Find out more about opportunities sponsored by SCU.

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Other Post-Graduate Opportunities

Applicants to these post-graduate fellowships must be in their senior year or alums, but all students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the wide range of post-graduate fellowship opportunities.

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Opportunities for Students without U.S. Citizenship

These fellowships accept applications from students and alumni without U.S. citizenship, such as U.S. permanent residents, DACA recipients, immigrants with U.S. work authorization, and/or citizens of other countries.

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Student Perspective

“I'm proud I went through it. Even if I don't get it, the whole process helped me flesh out a lot of what I want to do with my career, and now I have experience for the next time I apply to other fellowships.”   

- Jason Capili '18, Fulbright Applicant