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Fellowships Stories

  • Jasmyn Burdsall

    Jasmyn Burdsall '20 has been named a Knight-Hennessy Scholar. This highly-competitive award funds graduate studies at Stanford University for emerging leaders aiming to solve complex problems.

  • Abby Alvarez

    Abby Alvarez '22, a political science and Spanish double major with a minor in women's and gender studies, was named a winner of the Truman Scholarship, a premier graduate fellowship for those pursuing careers as public service leaders.

  • Omar Hamade

    Omar Hamade '19, was named a Schwarzman Scholar, a prestigious program sometimes referred to as the “Chinese Rhodes.”

  • Max Bjorni

    Max Bjorni '21, a double major in neuroscience and biology, is the first Santa Clara University student to win the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in over a decade.

  • Mariana Perera

    Political science, Spanish, and communication major Mariana Perera ’20, has won a Fulbright Scholarship to study disability rights policy in Brazil.

  • Griffin Garner

    Environmental studies senior Griffin Garner '20 has won a Fulbright Scholarship to evaluate best practices in developing climate resilience for smallholder coffee farmers in Uganda.

  • Bridget Woody

    Bioengineering senior Bridget Woody '20 has won a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research into how past technological innovations historically affected the colonized slave populations in Jamaica, as a way to inform modern-day, ethical engineering innovation.

  • Erin Ronald

    Erin Ronald, a 2019 sociology and environmental studies major, has won a Fulbright Scholarship to research urban climate mitigation policy in several cities in Sweden.

  • Ciara Moezidis

    Junior Ciara Moezidis, a political science and communications major, was named as a Finalist for the Truman Scholarship, a premier fellowship for those pursuing public service.

  • Katie O’Neil

    Katelyn (Katie) O’Neil, who graduated in December with degrees in environmental studies and Spanish, has won a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English and work on a project devoted to sustainability in Cali, Colombia, starting October 2019.

  • Arelí Hernández

    Senior ethnic studies, political science, and Spanish triple major Arelí Hernández has won a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English and work on a community-based project in Tunja, Colombia, starting July 2019.

  • Samantha Bennett

    Senior environmental studies and psychology major Samantha Bennett has won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Bangalore, India. She is researching women’s participation in economic development activities, specifically in the field of clean-energy technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Beau Scott

    Beau Scott was one of only 60 students nationwide chosen for the Coro Fellows program, which develops emerging leaders to work and lead across different sectors by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and networks to accelerate positive change.

  • James Wang

    Senior James Wang, an environmental science and electrical engineering major, has won a Fulbright Scholarship to research “hybrid-supercapacitors” —a new form of energy storage with potential benefits for renewable energy—in the Paris suburb of Cachan in France.