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Brendon Bula '09
Brendon Bula

Brendon Bula ’09 is on a mission to pay it forward 

For an alumnus just ten years out, Brendon is already hitting his stride. Married to his Santa Clara sweetheart, Kirsten ’07, recently celebrating the birth of their third daughter, and building a strong team for his new executive position at a dynamic company that makes electric vehicle charging networks, he is already living his best life.  

So, what does a successful young professional and devoted husband and dad think of when he reminisces about his days at SCU? He remarks, “Paying it forward.” In supporting the Santa Clara Fund, he says, “I am giving to a group of students who otherwise would not have the opportunities I was given,” adding that someday these students “will be on the other side of the table and will be in a position to expand the potential for many others.”  

Brendon recalls his own fond memories during his time as a Bronco. He was heavily involved in men’s crew and still stays in touch with his teammates, as well as the friends he made on the first floor of Dunn. “It became a community, these first-year initial friendships that passed the test of time,” he says.

Appreciative of the deep Jesuit roots, Brendon feels that SCU’s emphasis on serving others and being active in the community is “just the general culture of the school—you are motivated to focus on others, to make the world a better place.”  

When he reflects on why he chooses to support the Santa Clara Fund, Brendon pauses. “It’s an interesting thought exercise how each of those paths will change forever and what things these individuals will do later on in life,” he says. He wants his contribution to be meaningful and for it to make an impact on an even larger number of individuals. For Brendon, the Santa Clara Fund is his way of “paying it forward” to support our thriving Bronco community. 

-Carrie Jensen