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Why Give

Reasons Why Your Gift Really Makes a Difference


  1. Scholarships help our students reach their full potential. Around 70% of our undergraduates receive some sort of financial assistance to help fund their education. Scholarships provide opportunities to an outstanding and diverse range of students who are capable and committed to making a difference.
  2. Santa Clara University has a global impact. With our focus on educating citizens and leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion we cultivate the knowledge and faith to build a more humane, just, and sustainable world.
  3. Our Centers of Distinction represent tangible expressions of our Jesuit values, encouraging the pursuit of knowledge in service of humanity. The Centers create multiple points of interaction—here in the SCU community, throughout our communities, and around the world—and create opportunities to share our values and talents with society.
  4. Your gifts help us close the gap. While we offer an education that is second to none, tuition only covers about 75% of educating every student at Santa Clara. Your gifts help us cover this crucial gap.
  5. Gifts to the Santa Clara Fund help address the most urgent needs of today's undergraduates. The Santa Clara Fund supports four critical aspects of student life: scholarships, academic programs, study abroad and immersion programs, and student initiatives - all the trademarks of our distinctive Santa Clara education.
  6. Gifts of every size can have a major impact. A majority of gifts to Santa Clara are under $1,000 but combined they add up to millions of dollars in support! Plus, you can directly support the area of campus closest to your heart. From student clubs to specific programs, giving to Broncos through SCU impacts nearly every aspect of the student experience.