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Philanthropist, Stephen Finn
Stephen A. Finn MBA'76

Championing Change: Stephen A. Finn's Impactful Philanthropy at Santa Clara University

From the epicenter of Silicon Valley, Stephen A. Finn believes in the importance of seizing opportunities whenever they arise. Finn's philanthropic journey began with a donation in 2008, facilitating the opening of Santa Clara University's business school in Lucas Hall. Yet, this single act of generosity would ignite a dedicated commitment to elevate the University's visibility and national profile.

Finn's generosity continued in 2019, leading to the creation of the Stephen A. Finn Residence Hall, which addressed critical on-campus housing needs. Focused on scalability for revenue growth by adding more available dorms, Finn sees this initiative as a strategic step toward potentially stabilizing future tuition costs.

Another hallmark of Finn's philanthropy is its impeccable timing. In 2020, he contributed to SCU’s Heritage Fund, supporting vulnerable students facing financial challenges due to the pandemic.

As a former SCU Regent and current Trustee, he is known for posing tough and thoughtful financial questions. He sees it as his charge to prepare the University for a changing, increasingly competitive future while advocating for increased access and affordability.
Stephen Finn’s philanthropy has served as a catalyst for Santa Clara University’s increasing prominence while establishing an enduring legacy that combines the dynamism of Silicon Valley with SCU’s timeless Ignatian educational tradition.