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John and Susan Sobrato
John A. '60 and Susan Sobrato

Reflecting on Transformation: Gratitude for John A. '60, and Susan Sobrato

More than 6 years ago, John A. '60 and Susan Sobrato presented Santa Clara University with an historically transformative gift of $100 million, the largest in its century-plus history. Generations of the Sobrato family have profoundly shaped the future of STEM education and innovation on campus. Today, the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation (SCDI) stands as a testament to their profound vision—marking a true turning point in STEM education at Santa Clara.

This historic contribution has been a driving force behind the University’s impressive progress, amplifying our commitment to providing the most relevant and  forward-looking education possible. The SCDI, spanning 300,000 square feet, has evolved into a vibrant hub fostering cross-disciplinary exploration, serving as an enduring source of inspiration for undergraduates engaged in groundbreaking classroom learning and hands-on research.

John A. Sobrato's foresight, as a longstanding trustee and founder of The Sobrato Organization, ignited this transformation from the heart of the global technology industry. The state-of-the-art facility seamlessly integrates engineering and natural science disciplines, reflecting the technical brilliance of our faculty while reinforcing our Jesuit values.

As we reflect on the transformation made through this campaign, the Sobrato Campus has become a symbol of collaboration, innovation, and academic excellence. Its flexible spaces and state-of-the-art labs are cultivating future generations of conscientious and capable thinkers and leaders. 

Santa Clara University extends its deepest gratitude to John A. and Susan Sobrato, for their profound influence and generosity. The Sobrato family's philanthropic legacy, spanning decades, has created a lasting imprint on education, health, and human services for generations to come. The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation is a living testament to this shared vision—inspiring talented and motivated young people to thrive at the intersection of education and innovation.