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Cristian Medal
Cristian Medal

Pause for Coz Profile - Cristian Medal ’24

“I chose Computer Science and Engineering because they’re becoming handier in today’s world,” says Cristian Medal ’24, “they’re rapidly expanding because of the need for technology to improve people’s lives by making menial tasks obsolete.” As a native of the Bay Area, it’s no surprise that Cristian is intrigued by the possibilities offered by tech innovation. “I enjoy coding because it involves using logic and ingenuity to create a program that serves a purpose,” he says. Whether it’s a video game or a data structures, Cristian is intrigued to “understand how the processor understands and interprets the input.”

When Cristian was considering his college options, he appreciated the beauty of the SCU campus but was especially excited to take advantage of all of the new learning opportunities that were possible with the opening of the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation (SCDI). “It was when I fell in love with the engineering program,” he says. 

In addition to his studies, he enjoys unwinding by taking advantage of the many fitness opportunities available to students. “I love to go play basketball with my friends because it is a great way to exercise and have fun,” he explains, but I also visit the weight room to make sure I care for my physical health.” Cristian’s workouts not only help him stay physically healthy, but provided a necessary outlet. “My favorite part about coming to the gym is that it is a ‘de-stresser’ that allows me to keep healthy physically and mentally.”

Given SCU’s emphasis on “educating the whole person,” Cristian has not only had a chance to fulfill his personal and academic goals, but appreciates SCU’s focus on serving others. “Fr. Dat Tran has had a huge impact on me,” he explains. In addition to his classroom learning, a lesson that stuck with Cristian was Tran’s impassioned plea for HIV positive children in Vietnam. “I have the utmost respect for Fr. Tran not only as a good teacher, but a good person.” 

As a recipient of the Fr. Coz Scholarship, Cristian appreciates being associated with the beloved SCU professor’s long and illustrious legacy. The Fr. Coz scholarship will “help immensely in providing financial relief—it ensures that I will complete my degree without having to find outside employment to cover the cost of textbooks or clothing,” he explains. “I aim to give back by being a positive role model for the SCU community and other students of color. I hope to make a positive impact on the world by being a responsible programmer that inspires others to make a difference.”