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Instructional Continuity

Assignments, Assessments, and Grading Strategies


Creating Assignments & Assessments

Have Students Work Offline and Upload their Submissions Online

Replace classroom presentations by having students use VoiceThread to create multimedia slide presentations and share them on Camino for everyone in the class to view and comment

Have students use their mobile phones to capture images, videos, or audio files and upload them to Camino or Google Drive

Create assignments on Camino to accept online submissions for essays, reports, images, website links, or other files

Have students keep a blog for reflection to replace a journal

Post existing data sets online for students to download and use in their lab reports 

Have Students Participate Online

Move your classroom discussions online by using the graded Discussions feature on Camino to generate asynchronous discussion assignments using multimedia

Replace your own slides and notes with VoiceThread presentations so your students can leave multimedia comments using audio, video, or text to add questions or continue discussion

Have students create and share Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides so they can collaborate and share information

Assess Student Understanding

Create quizzes on Camino, or upload essays, to replace in-class tests or summative assessments

Give students surveys on Camino, Qualtrics, or Google Forms to conduct formative assessment to check for understanding 

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