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Instructional Continuity

Sharing Content Strategies



Recreate Lecture Content in Video or Audio Format and Share them on Camino

Use Zoom to create videos of you talking by recording a video conference and posting the video to Camino

Record audio-only lectures using your mobile phone and post them to Camino

Use the desktop version of Panopto to make a video of you narrating your slide presentations

Convert Course Readings & Notes to a Digital Medium to Share on Camino

Convert paper readings to PDF and add them to Modules on Camino for students to read

Use the library's electronic resources to find digital versions of articles, books, and readings to share in Camino

Use Zoom’s screen capture feature to create videos of you narrating your slides

Use VoiceThread to create narrated, multimedia slides to recreate lectures slides or visual aids

Find Videos Online And Share them on Camino

Find videos on YouTube such as recordings of lab experiments and assign them to students.

Find training videos on LinkedIn Learning for students to watch to learn new skills

Search for streaming videos available through the University Library using this guide

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