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Nancy Cutler

Nancy Cutler
Deputy CIO for Academic Technology and Co-Director, Collaborative for Faculty Innovation

Nancy has the opportunity to work with a talented team to support university-wide technology initiatives and a wide range of campus technology resources and services, including academic technology initiatives, learning space development, computing and technology support, media production, graphics, web application development, technology training, and the campus cable TV system. 

As Co-Director of the Collaborative for Faculty Innovation, Nancy works with the other Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to develop programming, workshops, and technology resources to support teaching innovation.  Nancy coordinates many of the academic technology efforts, working with the Instructional Technology team, to support Collaborative projects, CAFEs, the summer faculty workshops, and online course development.

Nancy is a long-standing member and has held a number of leadership positions in Directors of Educational Technology in California Higher Education (DET/CHE), a statewide professional organization which brings together professionals from non-profit private institutions, and the CC, CSU, and UC systems.