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Enrollment & Wait List

Admission to Kids on Campus is handled through a waiting list on which all applicants must be registered. If you decline an offered spot, you must resubmit an application. In order for unborn infants to be placed on the wait list, families must have a due date. It is often impossible to predict when and how quickly openings will be available at KOC. We strive to maintain age and gender balance in classrooms.

Space in KOC is reserved on a decending order and is only available to children of benefits-eligible faculty and staff with first priority given to:

  1. Current families who are part of the KOC community.
  2. Children of continuing faculty and staff (tenure track faculty, senior lecturers, full time regular staff).
  3. Children of renewable term faculty (academic year adjunct faculty, renewable term lecturers).
  4. Children of regular part-time staff.

KOC Wait List Application

KOC Tuition 2017-2018

KOC Calendar 2017-2018

 KOC Family Handbook

Please submit your form to our office at and keep us updated about any changes to your application. Reach out anytime you have questions about your position on our wait list.