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LEAD Advisory Board

Alex Cabral

As a 2015 Santa Clara alum, former LEAD student, and former LEAD peer mentor, Alexandria (Alex) Cabral is thrilled to continue her involvement with the program as an Advisory Board member. Alex is a SoCal native, but spent a decade in the Bay Area pursuing her undergrad degree in Economics followed by a career in commercial lending, beginning with technology startups and leading to social enterprises and non-profits. She currently resides in Washington, DC, and works in affordable housing development and finance. Alex is also a board member of the Bay Area-based non-profit, AbilityPath, which provides programming and services for people with special needs. 


Alex attributes much of her positive college experience and post-grad success to the support system and resources offered by the LEAD program at SCU. She enjoys supporting the growth of this vital program and getting to know the students and staff who make it unique. Alex has been a LEAD Advisory Board member since October 2020.