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Thank you for your interest in the LEAD Scholars Program! The LEAD Scholars Program is a program for first-generation college students (students whose parents did not attend college) focused on academics, community engagement, and service.

Prospective Students

This program is open to both first-year students and transfer students with the goal of supporting them throughout their college career. We also welcome first-generation college students who are already attending SCU, but are not yet participating in the program.

Students are selected to participate in the LEAD Scholars Program. All admitted first-generation college students are informed about the program soon after they are admitted to the university, and must complete a brief application. Based on this information, students are then selected keeping in mind the goal to create a diverse community in terms of backgrounds and experiences.

Students who are first-generation college students and who are already attending SCU can also participate in the LEAD Scholars Program by entering at Level 2 through a short application process.

We invite you to read more about the requirements of the program. If you are a first-generation college student, will be attending or are currently attending SCU, and would like to find out more information about the program or would like to express your interest in the program, please contact us.