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We greatly value the continued participation of LEAD Scholars/Bridge Alumni in the LEAD Scholars Program.


The LEAD Scholars program has a variety of ways for our alumni to stay involved. Our hope is that we can continue to support you and that you will reach back to support current students if you are interested. While we are continuing to expand our programming for our alumni, currently our main events include our alumni panels, in which alumni offer their advice to current students, and LEAD happy hour, where we give our alumni a chance to socialize and network with our graduating seniors. We also hope to connect current students with alumni as they explore career and vocation. Please read below for more ways to give back time, expertise and resources to the LEAD Scholars family.


Information Request

We would appreciate alumni effort to update our current records and to remain up-to-date on our LEAD alumni events by filling out the form on the right, below the content table. 

There are also three questions to explore whether you would like to be involved with mentoring, information interviews, or panels with our current students. If you say yes to any of these questions, we would send out invitations to be a part of these various student efforts as they get closer. We are also asking those who have experience with immigration law to indicate this with the possibility that we may check in with you if immigration issues arise with our students as result of the new administration or if we are looking for facilitators for immigration related workshops.

If you say no to these volunteer opportunities, but still provide your contact info, we will only send the occasional invite to LEAD alumni happy hour events and other alumni centered programming efforts, such as networking opportunities and other important resources for alumni.


Alumni have the opportunity to support current LEAD Scholars by participating in virtual mentoring that coincides with the students' participation in a professional development program called Career Launch Academy through the non-profit Empowered Students. We have new co-horts of LEAD Scholars participating in this program each quarter. If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact us at 

Supporting LEAD Scholars

Donations to support the LEAD Scholars Program help our students with scholarship money for tuition, funds for emergency needs and fellowship grants for co-curricular opportunities like study abroad, unpaid internships, undergraduate research. 

You can learn more and donate at our Give to LEAD page. 

LEAD Alumni Information Request Form