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Santa Clara University is committed to supporting undocumented students and students from mixed-status families.

The Undocumented Student Working Group and the LEAD Scholars Program work to support undocumented students and students of mixed-status families, advocate for their needs and educate the broader campus about the undocumented student experience. 

Undocumented Student Support

Undocumented students are supported by the Undocumented Student Working Group made up of faculty, staff and students, and the LEAD Scholars Program. All undergraduate undocumented students are offered a spot in the LEAD Scholars Program and receive all of the support and benefits that the program offers. Additionally, undergraduate undocumented students are provided with: 

Financial Aid

Santa Clara University offers scholarships for undocumented students. More information is available here

An Annual Retreat

Once a year undocumented students come together in a retreat setting to connect with each other, and engage in reflection and mindfulness practices. 

A Resource Day

During this annual event, undocumented students have the opportunity to meet with immigration attorneys for legal screenings, participate in Know Your Rights and Emergency Planning workshops, and connect with alumni. 

Regular Community-building Meetings

Students meet as a group regularly with supportive staff from the Undocumented Student Working Group to check-in and reconnect. 


Funding is available through the Cabrini Fund for undocumented students to assist with legal expenses, emergency needs and engagement in applied experiences like volunteering and unpaid internships. 

For more information about these resources, please contact, Erin Kimura-Walsh, Director of the LEAD Scholars Program at or 408-554-2129. 

1. Get Educated! Read the information above, listen to the news, attend an UndocuAlly Training

UndocuAlly trainings are offered to staff and faculty each quarter. Look out for email announcements or email Ray Plaza, Office of Diversity and Inclusion at for more information. Student session are not regularly offered but can be arranged. Please  contact Erin Kimura-Walsh, LEAD Scholars Program at for more information regarding student sessions. 

2. Speak Up! Contact your local legistators!

Finding Your Legislators

Dream Act Talking Points

Calling Select Legislators

3. Support Undocumented Students

10 Ways to Support Undocumented Students

4. Make a Donation

Donate to the Cabrini Fund for Undocumented Students


The Undocumented Student Working Group (USWG) is a cross-departmental group that includes students, faculty and staff who are passionate about supporting and advocating for our undocumented students and students from mixed-status families. We plan and implement a wide a range of initiatives including: a resource day for undocumented students with legal consultations, individual student support, and UndocuAlly trainings for faculty, staff and students and workshops for undocumented students and mixed status students. 


The USWG includes: 

Maria Autrey Noriega, Ignatian Center

Stefani Blanco, Financial Aid

Erin Kimura-Walsh, LEAD Scholars Program

Bernell Nevil III, Office of Multicultural Learning

Ray Plaza, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Jesica Siham Fernandez, Ethnic Studies

Veronica Villa, LEAD Scholars Program 

Student Leaders, Undocumented Students and Allies Asssociation

To learn more our initiatives or consult with us about the undocumented student experience, please contact Erin Kimura-Walsh at or 408-554-2129.