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Congratulations to your student on their admission! We applaud all of the support and guidance you have provided them as they made their way here to SCU!


We know how important family support was in getting your child here, and how important it will be in his or her college success. The LEAD Scholars Program encourages you continue to be active participants in your children's lives as they attend college. We offer programming directed to parents and other family members at New Student Orientation and Family Weekend to help you learn more about the college experience, how to support your child and about SCU in general. When possible, we also try to offer programs in multiple languages to encourage the involvement of family member who may be more comfortable speaking languages other than English.

Multilingual Information Sessions

On LEAD Week Move-In Day, families can join our one-hour multilingual college information sessions to learn more about college life and how to support their children while they are in college. Depending on the need each year, the sessions are offered in many languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

Family Weekend

In February, the First Year Programs Office offers Family Weekend, a time for parents and other family members to visit or revisit the campus. This program offers activities for parents of all four years of students. You can attend class lectures with some of the university's best faculty, SCU sporting events or the Senior Dinner (limited to seniors and their families).

Family Festival, which is hosted by the LEAD Scholars Program is part of Santa Clara University's Family Weekend celebration. Families can enjoy a day filled with engaging activities for all ages, including fun games, cultural performances, and delicious food from local vendors. Connect with fellow LEAD families and create lasting memories in a vibrant atmosphere of community and celebration. View photos from previous years here.