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Silence of Women

September 26, 2013 - January 28, 2014

Silence of Women was generously sponsored by the Santa Clara University Catala Club, a women's organization dedicated to raising scholarship funds for SCU undergraduate students.

Artist statement:

When we invaded Afghanistan, I was in the sculpture department at the San Francisco Art Institute with the news broadcasting from a radio. As I was wrapping wet towels over a bust of myself at the end of the evening, I thought of the Afghan women, oppressed by the Taliban. I wondered what life would be like for them and other women around the world if more of us had a voice.

My journey in researching the topic led me to believe, for the most part, women care more about issues of health, education, and the well being of the family and community. We are 50% of the population. We represent under 20% of the governments globally. These statistics must change. My exhibit is meant to raise awareness. The faces on the tables represent silenced women while the letter wall offers wisdom from women who have found their voice. The Duck and Cover sculpture represents the fear during war. If more women were in power, would we go to war as often?

Dec 2, 2015