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The Learning Commons galleries host a wide variety of exhibits curated by the library and the university community. Main exhibit spaces include the Archives & Special Collections Gallery on the 3rd floor and the 2nd floor hall.

The library welcomes exhibit proposals from individuals and organizations that support the mission of Santa Clara University. Please see our exhibit policies for more information.

Current Exhibits

  • Spectacles of Learning: The Passage of Light in the Work of Athanasius Kircher, S.J.

    August 19 - September 29, 2019

    Curated by Jim Blaettler, S.J., this exhibit demonstrates 17th Century polymath Athanasius Kircher, S.J.'s breadth of knowledge and endless curiosity for making connections amongst topics such as astronomy and magnetism, hieroglyphics and cryptography. The exhibit features woodcut illustrations and other elements found in the thirty-six books held in the museum Father Kircher established in Rome to reflect his vast interests, which capitalized on objects brought back by Jesuit missionaries from the far-flung corners of the earth. Copies of some of the thirty-six books held at the Museum in the Collegio Romano are available in the rare book collections of Santa Clara University and the University of San Francisco, and are included in the exhibit.

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