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Mission, Vision, and Values


Guided by our commitment to intellectual growth, lifelong learning, and social responsibility, the Santa Clara University Library provides resources and services to support student learning and faculty teaching. We are educational partners who engage in knowledge generation and access, design transformational learning experiences, and provide environments for inquiry and exploration.


SCU Library is an exemplary social justice library, serving as a leader in applying principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through reciprocal partnerships, we transform our collections, services, programs, and spaces to create a more just and equitable world.


The University Library is committed to these core values, which guide us in carrying out our mission and realizing our vision:

Compassion and social justice

Every member of the campus community is inherently valuable, with rights that should be respected. Systemic and historical injustices affect higher education, and the Library commits to addressing these inequities. Our pursuit of justice is reflected in an ongoing effort to make the library an accessible, inclusive and welcoming space for all members of the community, especially those from marginalized groups, and in our commitment to transform scholarly communication through open access.

Engaged learning

The Library is an educational partner that actively guides and supports students in their academic journey, as they engage with scholarship, increase capacity for information literacy, develop critical thinking skills, and excel in their field of study. We engage the campus community and the community at large in an ongoing process of learning — generating, applying, and sharing knowledge for the betterment of society.

Transparent and collaborative processes

We value transparency and prioritize open and honest communication with the campus community, with whom we actively seek to work. We appreciate the contributions of all staff members, and we strive to maintain a workplace culture that emphasizes collaboration, transparency and responsiveness.

Excellence in service

We are committed to serving our community. This ethos is reflected in our high standard of customer service and in our work with the broader community.

Staff development and professional growth

Guided by a belief that every staff member has a role to play in achieving the Library's mission, we are committed to recognizing and developing potential in all staff, including student workers.

Adaptability and responsiveness to change

Recognizing that the information landscape and the role of libraries in higher education is constantly evolving, we promote a culture of innovation that is adaptive, transformative, and creative.

Academic and intellectual freedom

We believe every member of our community should be able to investigate ideas without restriction. We make available resources and information representing a range of viewpoints and opinions.

Civil discourse

We recognize the importance of civility and work to maintain an environment supportive of the productive exchange of ideas and building of knowledge.

Stewardship of library resources

We are committed to the judicious stewardship of library resources, ensuring the usability and availability of collections well into the future. We preserve the history of the university and the broader community, including university records as well as local and special collections.