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Subject Librarians

The University Library's subject librarians work with departments and programs to build the library's collections, teach library instruction, and encourage library use. Please contact the subject librarian in your field of interest for help.

Librarians by Department or Program

Department or Program Subject Librarian
Accounting Andrew Carlos (acting)
Aerospace Engineering Andrew Carlos
Anthropology Melanie Sellar (acting)
Applied Mathematics Andrew Carlos
Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies Dominique Dozier
Art & Art History Leanna Goodwater
Asian Studies Dominique Dozier
Bioengineering Andrew Carlos
Biology Anna Yang
Business Andrew Carlos (acting)
Chemistry & Biochemistry Anna Yang
Child Studies Melanie Sellar
Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering Andrew Carlos
Classics Leanna Goodwater
Communication Sophia Neuhaus
Computer Science and Engineering Andrew Carlos
Counseling Psychology Sophia Neuhaus
Economics Andrew Carlos (acting)
Education Melanie Sellar
Electrical and Computer Engineering Andrew Carlos
Engineering Management and Leadership Andrew Carlos
English Leanna Goodwater
Environmental Studies and Sciences Anna Yang
Ethnic Studies Dominique Dozier
Finance Andrew Carlos (acting)
General Engineering Andrew Carlos
History Melanie Sellar (acting)
Information Systems and Analytics Andrew Carlos
Jesuit School of Theology — See also Theology Melanie Sellar (acting)
Latin American Studies Dominique Dozier
Management & Entrepreneurship Andrew Carlos (acting)
Marketing Andrew Carlos (acting)
Mathematics & Computer Science Andrew Carlos
Mechanical Engineering Andrew Carlos
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Leanna Goodwater
Military Science Sophia Neuhaus
Modern Languages and Literatures Leanna Goodwater
Music Leanna Goodwater
Pastoral Ministries Melanie Sellar (acting)
Philosophy Leanna Goodwater
Physics Anna Yang
Political Science Sophia Neuhaus
Power Systems & Sustainable Energy Andrew Carlos
Psychology Sophia Neuhaus
Public Health Science Anna Yang
Religious Studies Melanie Sellar (acting)
Sociology Melanie Sellar
Theatre & Dance Leanna Goodwater
Theology — See also Jesuit School of Theology Melanie Sellar (acting)
Women's and Gender Studies Dominique Dozier

Librarians by Center or Institute

Center or Institute Subject Librarian
Center for Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship Andrew Carlos (acting)
Center for Student Involvement Nicole Branch
Center for Sustainability Anna Yang
Ciocca Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Andrew Carlos (acting)
Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education Melanie Sellar (acting)
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Leanna Goodwater
Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Melanie Sellar
My Own Business Institute Andrew Carlos (acting)
Residential Learning Communities Nicole Branch
Retail Management Institute Andrew Carlos (acting)

Collection Specialists