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Services for Patrons with Disabilities

Santa Clara University Library provides the following additional services to SCU students, faculty, staff, and courtesy card holders with disabilities.

NOTE: SCU students with disabilities are encouraged to visit or contact the Office of Disabilities Resources in the Benson Center to learn more about additional resources & services available on campus (408-554-4109).

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Technology Workstation

Available for use in the information commons. It features a motorized adjustable table, a dedicated scanner, and headphones. It offers adaptive software programs for users with disabilities:

An advanced screen reading software which reads aloud the words displayed on the computer screen. It does a very good job of communicating the contents of websites and software applications for users with visual disabilities.
eClipse Reader
Enables access to digitally recorded textbooks and other reading materials produced by RFB&D (Readings for the Blind & Dyslexic).

The workstation can be used on a drop-in basis during regular hours. For personal assistance in using the workstation, please contact the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Collections in Alternative Formats

Large Print Books

  • Large print books are available to SCU students, faculty, and staff through LINK+.
  • To search for large print books, go to LINK+, choose Keyword Search and add the words " and large print" to your search.
  • The library does not maintain a significant in-house collection of large print books.
  • For additional assistance, ask at the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Electronic Books (eBooks)

  • The Library has an extensive collection of eBooks available for use by current SCU students, faculty and staff.
  • More information on searching for electronic books is available online.
  • Ask at the Library Help Desk for additional assistance (, 408-554-5020).

Book Retrieval

  • Library materials are retrieved from the shelf for patrons with disabilities who request this service.
  • Patrons may request this service at the Library Help Desk.
  • Depending on the number of items and staff availability, the items may either be retrieved upon request or made available for pick-up the following day.

Check-out Services

  • Current SCU students, faculty, or staff with disabilities may be eligible to checkout non-circulating materials.
  • Requests for this service are placed at the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Photocopying and Printing

  • All photocopy machines in the learning commons meet ADA physical accessibility requirements.
  • Requests for help with printing or photocopying can be made at the Library Help Desk.
  • Library staff will copy or print a reasonable number of items for persons with disabilities.
  • Depending on the number of items to be copied and staff availability, patrons may be asked to leave the selections to be copied for next day pick-up.

Building Access and Parking

  • The main learning commons entrance is equipped with an automatic entrance/exit doors.
  • All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • All service desks have wheelchair accessible counters.
  • A wheelchair accessible computer is available for use in the Information Commons.
  • Disabled access parking spaces are available on the first floor of the parking structure located next to the learning commons.

Individual Assistance

  • Library staff will assist persons with disabilities in reading, writing, or printing out entries from OSCAR, web based resources, or other information sources.
  • To arrange for individual assistance and training, please contact the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).