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Services for Patrons with Disabilities

The Library provides the following additional services to SCU students, faculty, staff, and courtesy card holders with disabilities.

NOTE: SCU students with disabilities are encouraged to visit or contact the Office of Accessible Education in the Benson Center to learn more about additional resources & services available on campus (408-554-4109).

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Technology Workstation

Available for use in the information commons. It features a motorized adjustable table, a dedicated scanner, and headphones.

The workstation can be used on a drop-in basis during regular hours. For personal assistance in using the workstation, please contact the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Collections in Alternative Formats

Large Print Books

  • Large print books are available to SCU students, faculty, and staff through LINK+.
  • To search for large print books, go to LINK+, choose Keyword Search and add the words " and large print" to your search.
  • The library does not maintain a significant in-house collection of large print books.
  • For additional assistance, ask at the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Electronic Books (eBooks)

  • The Library has an extensive collection of eBooks available for use by current SCU students, faculty and staff.
  • More information on searching for electronic books is available online.
  • Ask at the Library Help Desk for additional assistance (, 408-554-5020).

Book Retrieval

  • Library materials are retrieved from the shelf for patrons with disabilities who request this service.
  • Patrons may request this service at the Library Help Desk.
  • Depending on the number of items and staff availability, the items may either be retrieved upon request or made available for pick-up the following day.

Check-out Services

  • Current SCU students, faculty, or staff with disabilities may be eligible to checkout non-circulating materials.
  • Requests for this service are placed at the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).

Photocopying and Printing

  • All photocopy machines in the learning commons meet ADA physical accessibility requirements.
  • Requests for help with printing or photocopying can be made at the Library Help Desk.
  • Library staff will copy or print a reasonable number of items for persons with disabilities.
  • Depending on the number of items to be copied and staff availability, patrons may be asked to leave the selections to be copied for next day pick-up.

Building Access and Parking

  • The main learning commons entrance is equipped with an automatic entrance/exit doors.
  • All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • All service desks have wheelchair accessible counters.
  • A wheelchair accessible computer is available for use in the Information Commons.
  • Disabled access parking spaces are available on the first floor of the parking structure located next to the learning commons.

Individual Assistance

  • Library staff will assist persons with disabilities in reading, writing, or printing out entries from OSCAR, web based resources, or other information sources.
  • To arrange for individual assistance and training, please contact the Library Help Desk (, 408-554-5020).