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Library Use & Standards of Conduct

General Use
  • Library patrons are responsible for their personal property at all times. Do not leave personal items unattended. Personal property which is unattended may be moved by library staff. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property.

  • Brief, low volume cell phone conversations are permitted on the first floor. Please take longer conversations outside the building.

  • Non-SCU affiliates under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult.

  • When the Learning Commons is open after 11 p.m., access to the building is limited to SCU faculty, students, and staff with a valid ACCESS card. Visitors without valid SCU identification will be asked to leave the building during this time.
Standards of Conduct

The library is committed to maintaining an environment welcoming to all library users engaged in research, study, and other scholarly activities. In furtherance of this goal, all patrons are expected to adhere to the following standards of conduct while in the learning commons.

All library users are expected to treat other library patrons & library staff with respect & dignity. The following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Engaging in disruptive behaviors and interfering with other library users' use of library facilities and resources.

  • Engaging in harassment of other library users or library staff.

  • Engaging in any sexual activities.

  • Vaping, smoking, or using chewing tobacco. Santa Clara University is a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus.

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages.

  • Engaging in behavior potentially harmful to oneself or to others.

  • Damaging or stealing University property, including library materials, furniture, and equipment.

  • Bringing pets or other animals into the building, with the exception of service animals.

  • Engaging in any other behavior in violation of University policies, including the Student Code of Conduct.

  • Bicycles are not permitted within the public areas of the learning commons. The use of skateboards, scooters, and other personal transport vehicles is not permitted with the exception of mobility scooters needed for accessibility purposes.

Please report any violations of these rules to the Library Help Desk (408-554-5020) or to Campus Safety (Non-emergencies: 408-554-4441 | Emergencies: 408-554-4444). Emergencies should immediately be reported to Campus Safety at 408-554-4444.