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Mission Priority Examen - Campus Message from the Steering Committee Co-Chairs

January 22, 2019

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

Warm greetings and Happy New Year!

This year, Santa Clara will be undertaking the Mission Priority Examen. The Mission Priority Examen is an ambitious undertaking of AJCU along with the Jesuit Provincials of North America, and all 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the USA are taking part. The purpose of the project is for each institution to reflect and discern collaboratively its priorities and mission as a Jesuit Catholic university, conduct a self-study, and issue a report regarding its findings and aspirations.

We warmly encourage you to visit the SCU Examen website, especially the FAQ page. There you can learn more about the project and our process here on this campus - what it is, how it works, what we are aiming at doing  - ,  and find a variety of useful links. The Examen website will be the go-to place for keeping the SCU community fully informed about the progress of the Examen, and will evolve in tandem with campus discussions.

All university voices are welcome in this conversation. Please do join us in this important project. There will be many opportunities for our university community members to participate in meaningful and engaging discussions about our Jesuit, Catholic educational mission, reflecting together on who we are and who we want to become, as part of the global community of Jesuit institutions of higher education. If you have suggestions or questions to share with the committee, please email them to

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Best wishes to all,

Tom Plante
Dorian Llywelyn SJ

Co-chairs, Mission Priority Examen Steering Committee