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The Trust Project


Former editors of The Santa Clara talk trust in journalism, the impetus for The Trust Project.

Joe Tone ’01 recently published his first book, Bones: Brothers, Horses, Cartels and the Borderland Dream, the true story of two brothers living lives on either side of the US Mexico border whose lives converge in a criminal conspiracy.

Joe Tone ’01

Veteran Reporter & Editor

“Without a widely agreed upon set of facts gathered by reliable news outlets, political operators can easily manipulate consumers into drifting toward political poles, shutting out competing viewpoints, and squashing meaningful discussion about how to improve lives.”
“Explaining why we made certain editorial decisions—such as publishing a campus-related death—helped our community understand journalistic principles while also allowing us to deliver the news.”

Jack Gillum ’06 is an investigative reporter at the Washington Post, formerly with AP, USA Today, and the Arizona Daily Star.

Jack Gillum ’06

Reporter at the Washington Post

Jeremy Herb ’08 is a CNN national security reporter, covering the Russia investigations and Congress. He was formerly with Politico, The Hill, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Jeremy Herb ’08

CNN National Security Reporter

“A journalist’s best defense against charges of bias is to be as accurate, fair, and thorough as possible—an important lesson I first learned at The Santa Clara.”
“Quality journalism has many platforms, but arenas that used to be dominated by real journalism now are flooded with every other kind of material—not beholden to rigorous journalistic standards—that the information age offers, much of it masquerading as journalism.”

Rita Beamish ’74 spent several decades as a newspaper, wire service, and freelance reporter—including 20 years with The Associated Press as a White House, political, environmental, and investigative reporter. She is currently a part-time copy editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and a freelance journalist.

Rita Beamish ’74

Copy Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle

Jessica Lyons Hardcastle ’98 is currently the senior editor at SDxCentral. She has worked as an editor and reporter for more than 15 years at numerous publications.

Jessica Hardcastle ’98

Senior Editor at SDxCentral

“Without trust and transparency, none of the work we do matters. Trust is our only currency.”
“How you do it is just as important as what you print.”

Desiree Sylvester Elsharif ’00 is Director of Employee Communications at Cisco.

Desiree Elsharif ’00

Director of Employee Communications at Cisco