Student Life

CARE Teams

The CARE Teams are comprised of two groups of trained campus professionals who respond to reports of students who exhibit behavior(s) that can range from being in distress to disruptive and potentially dangerous behavior.

These two teams exist to assist and support students through callenging times.SCU CARE embodies the University's commitment to supporting our students by helping them find the resources to build resilience and overcome challenges.

The SWT serves as the coordinating hub of a network of campus resources focusing on prevention and early intervention for students experiencing distress, academic or interpersonal difficulties, or engaging in disruptive behaviors of concern. 

This team develops intervention and support strategies. The team regularly reviews and assesses these situations and recommends actions in accordance with existing University policies and refers cases to the Behavioral Concerns Team as appropriate.

Representatives from the following offices are on the SWT: Athletics, Cowell Center, Disabilities Resources, Drahman Academic Advising and Learning Center, Residence Life, and Office of Student Life.

Student Welfare Team Chair: Kim Gilkey

The BCT is a campus-wide team of trained professionals dedicated to a proactive and supportive approach to address student behavior that causes significant disruption in the campus community. This team identifies strategies to address the disruptive behaviors and assess risk of harm to oneself and/or others. This team coordinates appropriate action to address the concerning behaviors and ensure the safety of students and the greater University community. 

Representatives form the following offices are on the BCT: Campus Safety Services, Cowell Center, EEO & Title IX, Office of Student Life, and other CARE Team departments as appropriate.

Behavioral Concerns Team Chair: Matthew Duncan

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Responding to Students of Concern

In your day-to-day experience, you may encounter any number of students whose behavior is difficult to work with, either for you, other Santa Clara University employees, or fellow students. There are also interactions that are less obvious - those that leave you uneasy and feeling that you need to share the experience with someone. The CARE Teams are here to help you assess and address any such interaction.


Alarming writings or drawings

Alcohol abuse/dependence


Attempted suicide

Bizarre or erratic behavior


Disconnected from reality

Drug abuse/dependence

Eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia)

Extreme rudeness

Extreme withdrawal

Failing grades

Family abuse

Feels that they have been treated unfairly or is being targeted

Financial issues

Flat affect or extreme lack of responsiveness

Grief and/or significant loss



Incoherent or slurred speech

Medical issues or concerns

Missed multiple classes without contact

Non-responsive to outreach

Overly stressed or overwhelmed

Preoccupation with guns, ammunition or weapons

Preoccupation with fire or bombs

Self-injurious behavior (cutting, burning, etc.)

Significant change in in behavior, hygiene, or self care

Significant change: Academic performance

Suicidal thoughts expressed

How to Report

The most the effective way to express your concern is online at: Click on "Student of Concern". Once submitted, your report is sent immediately to the SWT and BCT chairs and select team members.

When making a report, you do not need to decide whether the report should go to the SWT or BCT. The leaders for these teams will make that determination. It is also possible the matter will be handled outside of the CARE Team structure.

Once submitted, your report is sent immediately to the chairs and select team members of the SWT and BCT.


For More Information

For more information and resources, visit

The Office of Student Life is available to coordinate a presentation on the work of the CARE Committee upon request. If interested, please call (408)554-4583.

If you feel that you or any person is in immediate danger, call 911 or Campus Safety at 408-554-4444.