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Knowing When to Help

Greetings to our fantastic parents and families supporting our incredible students! We understand it is sometimes difficult to know when to jump in and help your student and when to trust they can address challenges on their own. At Santa Clara University, we're committed to empowering our Broncos early on, allowing them to develop the superhero skill of self-advocacy. Fear not; we've assembled a team of friendly staff and faculty across campus ready to lend support whenever needed.

Our Orientation and Welcome Weekend events serve as the grand introduction to the Santa Clara experience. However, it's not a one-and-done affair; it's an ongoing process. We acknowledge that not every student may immediately feel a sense of home. And that's fine! If your student expresses some nerves, reassure them that building that sense of belonging takes time. We're genuinely delighted to have you all here and eagerly anticipate the unfolding journey at Santa Clara University. Let the adventure unfold with enthusiasm and purpose!

A few helpful resources to help you guide your Bronco!