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Pre-Law Advising

SCU Mock Trial Team

We are a bunch of kids arguing like politicians, acting like attorneys, and bonding like a family!

SCU Mock Trial Team

The Santa Clara University Mock Trial Team aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the nature and process of litigation through a study of the federal rules of evidence, coaching from experienced lawyers, and simulated trial experiences organized by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). We hope students will gain a greater appreciation for the complexities of our legal system, broaden their public speaking and analytical skills, and develop collaborative proficiency.

Each year a new case is released and throughout the year we break down the facts of the case, develop a case theory, and present our arguments for both the defense and the plaintiff in tournaments all across the country. SCU Mock Trial is a close-knit group of people who are passionate about the law.

If you are interested in joining the Santa Clara Mock Trial team or have any questions, we can be reached via email at

Maria Parker

President Maria Parker

Mary Balestreri

Vice President of Finance Mary Balestreri

Cassidy Basham

Vice President of Marketing Cassidy Basham

Coach Christine Long
Coach Christine Long