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Discipline-Specific Resources

Assessment and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The SCU Office of Assessment has curated a collection of disciplinary rubrics--you can access the collection here.

Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) is being conducted across disciplines, and there are many discipline-specific journals which focus on SoTL. The Kennesaw State University Center of Teaching and Learning has curated a list of teaching journals which is searchable by discipline and topic. You can access the list here.

Discipline-Specific Resources for Online Teaching

To find discipline-specific resources for online teaching, you might consider consulting with colleagues at SCU, within your professional organizations, and on social media. Twitter has become an especially rich space for teaching resources, and you may find ideas and crowd-sourced documents from colleagues and organizations within your discipline. Here are some resources to get you started--if you have other discipline-specific resources to recommend, please let us know!

Discipline-Specific Resources:






Community-Based Learning

All Disciplines:


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July 31, 2020