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Technology at SCU

Add-ons to Google Workspace

About third-party add-ons

Third-party add-ons to Google applications may show you advertisements, require additional terms and conditions, have a separate privacy policy, or collect and retain your data.

For these reasons, third-party add-ons are turned off within SCU’s Google Workspace environment, and requests for new add-ons are carefully reviewed for privacy, security, and supportability, and (as with all new contracts) require a legal review. Other considerations include cost, accessibility, protections for sensitive data, and the administrative overhead associated with a new application.

At minimum, the organization providing the add-on must recognize FERPA and agree to be a school official, and the add-on must not require full access to your account data (such as Email or Drive).

To request an add-on for Google Workspace -- and if you're confident the add-on meets these requirements -- please fill out this request form: (SCU community members only)

Approved Add-ons

The following add-ons are approved for SCU's Google Workspace environment: