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Delegated Mailboxes

A Delegated Mailbox is an SCU email address and inbox that is separate and distinct from any one person’s email address. Use a delegated mailbox when more than one person needs to read and respond to messages sent to a single email address, especially for consistency over time.

There are a few key differences:

  • You don’t log in to a Delegated Mailbox directly, using a username and password. 

  • A Delegated Mailbox is just a mailbox, and doesn’t have access to Chat, Calendar, Contacts, Drive, or other Google Workspace services.

  • When you send an email message using your Delegated Mailbox, it will use the Delegated Mailbox as the “From” address, and will also show which delegate sent the message. For example, if Bucky Bronco sent a message from the “SCU Department Name” Delegated Mailbox, users will see that the message is from “SCU Department Name (sent by”

Faculty and staff can request a Delegated Mailbox to represent a department, a program, the office of an executive, or on behalf of a recognized student organization.

Access your Delegated Mailbox through Gmail on the web:

  • Start in your SCU Gmail inbox
  • Click on the SCU Mission Logo in the top, right corner of the page (your picture might also appear there).
  • You will see a list of the Delegated Mailboxes you have access to. 
  • Click on the Delegated Mailbox you want to access, and it will open in a new browser tab.

Delegated mailboxes are not available in the Gmail smartphone app, or email client programs like Thunderbird or Outlook.

Each Delegated Mailbox has a Google Group associated with it. Mailbox Managers use Google Groups to view, add, or remove the people who have access to their Delegated Mailbox.

Delegated Mailbox Membership Management Guide (access is limited to SCU)

When using a Delegated Mailbox, the PhishAlarm button is not available.

Please follow these instructions to report a phishing message from your Delegated Mailbox:
How to report a phish from a Delegated Mailbox

Feel free to contact Technology Training at 408-551-3120 or for additional assistance.