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Technology at SCU

Google Chrome Pop-up Message

Users in Google Chrome may see a new (as of late May 2022) pop-up message when signing in to their SCU Google Workspace account:

You’re adding a managed profile to this browser. Your administrator has control over the profile and can access its data. Bookmarks, history, passwords, and other settings can be synced to your account and managed by your administrator.

This message from Google is misleading, and SCU does not have the ability to modify the language in this message. SCU does not view or manage the bookmarks, history, passwords, or other information stored in your Chrome profile.

You will see this message when you sign in to your SCU Google account, using Google Chrome version 102 or later, outside of an existing Google Chrome profile.

This message will prompt you to create a Chrome profile.This is optional; a Chrome profile is not required.

This message began to appear when Google released Chrome version 102 with “profile separation.” Profile Separation gives users a way to separate their personal data and their enterprise-managed data.

Information from Google about Chrome version 102

Chrome profiles are a good way to work with more than one Google account at the same time -- if you have a personal account, you can keep your personal information separate from the information in your SCU account.

You can also choose to synchronize your Chrome profile across multiple devices, so you could (for example) see your bookmarks in multiple locations.

Information from Google about using profiles in Chrome


Chrome profiles are optional. 

To avoid seeing the prompt to create a profile each time you log in, you can use Chrome Guest Mode.

Information from Google about using Chrome in Guest mode


On SCU-managed computers, some Chrome options are pre-set to improve security, privacy, or performance. 

To see these pre-set values, type this into the Chrome address bar:  chrome://policy/