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Academic Policies

Academic Policies & Regulations

Most of the academic regulations that apply in the fall, winter and spring quarters also apply to the summer terms. Courses taken during Summer Sessions are included in the records of matriculated Santa Clara University students for the determination of GPA, class level, honors, probation, and disqualification. 

Administrative Cancellation of Course Enrollment
  • The Administrative Cancellation of Course Enrollment policy is not in effect in the summer as it is during the fall, winter and spring quarters. Students who are officially enrolled in a class and fail to attend the first and any subsequent class meetings will remain enrolled in the class, and be responsible for paying all tuition and fees associated with the class.
  • Students are responsible for dropping a course if they are unable to attend due to changes in the class schedule or personal obligations.
  • Non-attendance does NOT relieve a student of the obligation to pay tuition and fees. In addition to paying full tuition and fees, an academic hold will be placed on the student's account to prevent any further registration transactions.
  • Students who do not formally drop a class for which they are officially enrolled will receive an "F" grade for the course(s), and be liable for all tuition and fees incurred during the summer.
  • Students must formally drop a course via Workday prior to the published deadlines.


Course Cancellations

Santa Clara University reserves the right to make changes in the schedules or policies without prior notice or obligation. If a course is canceled, the Summer Sessions Office will immediately send a notification to your address. Please check your SCU email daily.


Enrollment Confirmations Via Workday

Santa Clara University enrolls all Young Scholars in their summer classes. Students can retrieve their course schedules online via Workday to confirm their enrollment in Summer courses. Course confirmations will not be mailed by the University.


Enrollment and Course Restriction Policy

Students may not sit in classes without formally enrolling. Credit is not given to students who attend class without formally enrolling and paying tuition. Students must be officially registered in classes based on the procedures outlined on the Summer Sessions website and must have paid all tuition and fees by the published deadlines.

Students who enroll in a course for which they are not eligible are subject to administrative withdrawal from that course. This includes:

  • Students who have not satisfied course prerequisites
  • Students who have not obtained the instructor's permission as specified in certain courses.


Petition for Exception to University Policy

Students who feel an exception to policy is warranted can submit a completed Student Petition form to the Registrar.  All petitions for exceptions must be electronically submitted to the Office of the Registrar.