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Faculty Research

Whether it's studying dark matter or nanotechnology, Santa Clara professors look for answers to the biggest questions in the universe–and the smallest.

What makes SCU faculty unique—and vital to our institution—is their ability to conduct in-depth research at a very high level while providing close, individual attention to students.

Pottery and Life on the Spanish Colonial Frontier

Hidden on and under Santa Clara University’s campus are examples of California history and prehistory. With help from the Smithsonian Institution, one professor and his student researchers have now analyzed more than 1,500 low-fired earthenware sherds—reading volumes from them about what trade and life must have been like throughout Alta California during the Spanish colonial period.


Discovering Reversible Photochemical Reactions

Much has been observed and written about compounds in solutions that react when exposed to light. Until recently though, no one was paying much attention to whether the solvent itself could also absorb light and cause a reaction.