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A solar-powered cooler that lets doctors deliver vaccines to desert-dwelling communities faster. A mobile mission control laboratory that tracks and manipulates government satellites. Water purification technology that could save hundreds of lives.

Santa Clara students and faculty work together, and independently, on groundbreaking research in many areas of human experience. From the School of Engineering’s Frugal Innovation Hub to the Arts for Social Justice program, a Santa Clara education will give you the chance to do research and work that matters.

  • Your Brain on Anxiety

    At SCU, Lindsay Halladay’s neuroscience lab is uncovering the link between early-life stress and life-long mental disorders.

  • Following Your Gut

    When scientific studies of microbiomes sounded too good to be true, cross-country runners Kaitlyn Twadell ’22 and Hope Olbricht ’22 started their own research project to put the findings to the test.