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Frugal Innovation Hub





Where engineering students
change the world.

Frugal Innovation Hub

Engaging faculty and students in humanitarian projects through partnerships and programs.

We help the helpers of the world.

Faculty and students in the Frugal Innovation Hub (FIH) have been developing technology solutions for non-profits, social enterprises, NGOs, and community organizers since 2012.  

We understand that in order to create sustainable, appropriate, and scalable solutions, we need to:

  • connect with the 'need' knowers (people connected to end-users of a technology solution), 
  • maintain project continuity (Faculty members take ownership of projects to smooth transition between multiple project teams),
  • develop deep expertise (each 'sub'-lab within FIH specializes in a particular industry vertical or subject area to allow for thought leadership).

If you work for a social benefit oriented-organization and have been struggling with a particular challenge you think can be addressed with a technology solution, if you're a student who wants to apply your knowledge and skills to contribute to real world social impact, if you're a faculty member who wants to advise projects with partners that can field test your prototypes... please reach out to us for more information!


      corporate and field partners.


      faculty members.


      undergraduate and graduate students.


      projects for humanity.