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Frugal Innovation Hub


Frugal Innovation Hub

We help the helpers of the world through empathy, innovation, frugality and the engineering design process.

The Frugal Innovation Hub's (FIH) mission is to engage students and faculty in technological and humanitarian projects through partnerships and programs.

"Frugal" is not synonymous with cheap; frugal innovation is the mindset of using ingenuity to make more with less.

The FIH acts as a liaison and as a facilitator.  We act as a liaison between engineering students, faculty members and organizations (our clients) to solve together humanitarian problems. We also act as a facilitator between the students and their clients to ensure the consolidating of projects and the appropriate technology for the deliverables.

These are the kinds of wonderful things our students and faculty are doing in humanitarian technology:



Breastmilk Sensor: Samantha O’Connor, Callie Weber, and Nina Morrison

Humanitarian Award 2017

For their capstone work, bioengineering seniors Nina Morrison, Samantha O’Connor, and Callie Weber wanted to tackle a brand-new project, from the ground up. Advised by Unyoung (Ashley) Kim, the team designed a low-cost paper-based sensor to detect the presence of E. coli in human breast milk donated to breast milk banks. Their aim is to ensure post-pasteurization safety in developing countries, where traditional lab culturing methods are unavailable. The team was selected to present their Social Enterprise Pitch at the Global Health Conference at Yale University. In June, Callie and Karen traveled to Mumbai, India, to share their device with LTMGH (Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital). For now, they are working to validate their results locally with Mothers’ Milk Bank

More on the project:

India Map

"The Engineers requires the imagination to visualize the needs of a society and to appreciate what is possible as well as the technological and broad social age understanding to bring his vision to reality” – Sir. Eric Ashby