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Endowed Academic Chairs

At Santa Clara University, faculty scholarship is recognized by appointment to a professorship, known as "chair."

These important honors are provided by generous donors who know that the creation of knowledge is a significant part of a University's mission, and desire to see it sustained over generations. The following faculty members hold endowed chairs/professorships in the School of Engineering:


Ruth E.  Davis image

Ruth E. Davis

Computer Engineering
Lee and Seymour Graff Professor

Silvia Figueira image

Silvia Figueira

Computer Science and Engineering
Dianne McKenna Professor

Christopher Kitts image

Christopher Kitts

Mechanical Engineering
William and Janice Terry Professor

Nam Ling image

Nam Ling

Computer Engineering
Sanfilippo Family Professor

Edwin Maurer image

Edwin Maurer

Civil Engineering
Robert W. Peters Professor

Elaine Scott image

Elaine Scott

Mechanical Engineering
John M. Sobrato Professor

Sukhmander Singh image

Sukhmander Singh

Civil Engineering
Wilmot J. Nicholson Family Professor

Sally Wood image

Sally Wood

Electrical Engineering
Thomas J. Bannan Professor

Yuling Yan image

Yuling Yan

Packard Junior Faculty Fellow