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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A state of mind.

Thinking like an entrepreneur isn't limited only to people who create their own Silicon Valley startup. Being entrepreneurial is a state of mind.  For engineers, it means not just focusing on the technology we love, but discovering how to harness the power of that technology to solve real problems for real people, to imaginatively identify new opportunities to create value, and to do it in a way that is financially and logistically sustainable. 

Whether you want to work for a large company, as part of a social enterprise, or even in a start-up, being entrepreneurial is critical to helping your organization prosper and serve the world.  At Santa Clara University, we help you learn to think innovatively and develop your own entrepreneurial capabilities. We have lots of opportunities for you—from programs and courses, to project-based experiences, to extra-curricular activities.

Many of our Innovation and Entrepreneurship initiatives are supported through KEEN, a collaborative network of colleges and professors championing the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering undergraduate students.

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