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Graduate Programs

Santa Clara Graduate Engineering Program

Graduate Programs

Why SCU Graduate Engineering?

SCU Engineering has one of the best graduate programs in the nation because we have it all: a team of highly dedicated professors, the flexibility to earn a degree while working, and a world-class Silicon Valley campus with strong industry connections.

Also, with our research-intensive Ph.D. programs and our unique Engineer’s Degree to specialized Master’s degrees and targeted certificate programs, we offer a range of options to continue your education and advance your career.

GRE is required for all Computer Science and Engineering applicants.

Open University Program

The Open University Program is a non-degree program limited to 16 units with options to apply for a M.S. degree. Engineers who wish to update their skills or learn new technologies without pursuing a specific degree may enroll.

Open University allows the students to:

  • Examine a field of study before enrolling in a degree program
  • Enhance your professional training
  • Attend on a regular or noncontinuous basis, depending on your own needs
  • Get a head start by enrolling in classes while waiting for admission/transfer to a degree program

Learn more about the Open University Prorgram.

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