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Dean's Office


David Clark image

David Clark

Senior Assistant Dean

Ruth Davis image

Ruth Davis

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

Silvia Figueira image

Silvia Figueira

Co-Associate Dean for Mission, Culture, and Inclusion
Director, Frugal Innovation Hub
Christopher Kitts image

Christopher Kitts

Associate Dean for Research and Interdisciplinary Programs and Initiatives

Sally Wood image

Sally Wood

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Aleksandar Zecevic image

Aleksandar Zecevic

Co-Associate Dean for Mission, Culture, and Inclusion


Allan Baez Morales image

Allan Baez Morales

Director of Programs and Partnerships, Frugal Innovation Hub

Mary Coady image

Mary Coady

Director, Corporate and External Relations

Nicole Morales image

Nicole Morales

Director of Digital Media Technologies

Rima Nemechek image

Rima Nemechek

Director of Finance and Administration

Heidi Williams image

Heidi Williams

Director of Communications

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