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Engineering Advisory Board

The Engineering Advisory Board (EAB) guides and supports the future of the School of Engineering, advising the Dean from the perspective of industry and assisting us to achieve our vision.

As the voice of the customer, the EAB keeps the Dean apprised of changing needs of those who employ the School’s graduates and of the evolution of the engineering profession in general. The School of Engineering is fortunate to have a stellar group of advisors helping to keep our educational programs relevant and promote deeper involvement between the School of Engineering and industry.

  • Marcy Alstott

    Marcy Alstott

    OpsTrak Consulting/Dash Robotics

  • Jack Balletto

    Jack Balletto

    Managing Member, Sunrise Capital Funds, Balletto Managing Company

  • Ivo Bolsens

    Ivo Bolsens

    Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
    Xilinx, Incorporated

  • Ross Dakin

    Ross Dakin

    Senior Strategist, Global Technology & Operations,
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

  • Mir Imran

    Mir Imran

    Chairman and C.E.O.
    Chairman, Modulus, Inc.
    Managing Director, InCube Ventures LP
    Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering, University of Pittsburgh
    InCube Labs LLC

  • Waguih Ishak

    Waguih Ishak

    Division Vice President, Science and Technology
    Corning West Technology Center

  • Jack Jia

    Jack Jia

    Chief Executive Officer
    Trusper Inc.

  • James Losch

    James Losch

    Retired Chairman and Founder
    Hallmark Construction

  • James Lyons

    James Lyons

    Vice President for University Relations
    Santa Clara University

  • Renee Niemi

    Renee Niemi

    Senior Vice President
    GM Smart Home Group
    Logitech, Inc.

  • Richard Reginato

    Richard Reginato

    Chief Engineering - THAAD Program
    Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

  • Pam Rissman

    Pam Rissman

    Teacher –Math & STEM, Dartmouth Middle School

  • Paul Russell

    Paul Russell

    Vice President and General Manager,
    L3 Technologies - Advanced Technologies Tech

  • Carl Simpson

    Carl Simpson

    Managing Director
    Coronis Medical Ventures, LLC

  • Bill Terry

    Bill Terry

    Retired, Former Executive Vice President
    Hewlett Packard, Inc.

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