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Staff Roles

  • Senior Administrative Assistant
    Matt Blanco


    Administrative Support to the Department Chair, faculty, and students of the Bioengineering Department.

  • Innovation Zone Lab Manager
    Nicole Borgaard


    Responsible for providing technical, administrative, and managerial support for the Innovation Zone located in Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation. Nicole's responsibilities include performing management, engineering, and educational tasks related to the Innovation Zone; providing management, developmental, and educational support for the Robotic Systems Lab; providing management and administrative support for the KEEN program; and providing support for the BioInnovation and Design Lab, and the Frugal Innovation Hub.

  • Engineering/Math Librarian
    Susan Boyd

    University Library

    Library liaison to the School of Engineering and the math department. Answers library-related questions coordinates research skills instruction with faculty and does library collection development as an engineering/math subject specialist.

  • Director and Instructor of Lab Operations
    Rodney Broome

    Mechanical Engineering

    Responsible for maintaining and operating the laboratory facilities used for Mechanical engineering and future STEM shop operations-based instruction and research. Regularly maintain, calibrate equipment, and instrumentation. Responsibility for safety in the laboratories and provide formal laboratory instruction to students.

  • System Administrator
    Jason Chong

    Engineering Computing Center

    ECC and WAVE: Windows Desktop/Servers, Virtualization, Research Computing, Remote Access, Deployment, Application Management, Systems Administration and Management, Manage and train student support staff

  • Director of Corporate and External Relations
    Mary Coady

    Dean's Office

    Responsible for relationships with supporters, donors, and community organizations. Liaison with Engineering Advisory Board. Liaison with University Relations. Supports School of Engineering fundraising; manages School fundraising operations.

  • Building & Operations Manager
    Dan Ignacio


    Building & Operations manager for the Sobrato Campus of Discovery and Innovation: Bldg. 402 - Discovery and Innovation, Bldg. 202 - Heafey, and Bldg. 203 - Bergin.

  • Director of Records & Operations
    Lisa Jocewicz

    Graduate Programs

    Responsible for various graduate student services, from registration through graduation. Also, responsible for processing QAL contracts.

  • Engineering Computing Center Manager
    Lantz Johnson

    Engineering Computing Center

    Supervise ECC staff, develop, execute and manage short, mid, and long-range strategic planning, budget planning and purchase of resources, Linux/Unix and Oracle System Administration.

  • Lab Manager
    Yohannes Kahsai

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Responsible for maintaining and operating the laboratory facilities used for Electrical and Computer Engineering instruction and research. Regularly maintain, calibrate equipment, and instrumentation. Responsible for safety in the laboratories and provide formal laboratory instruction to students.

  • Senior Administrative Assistant
    Pam Lin

    Computer Science and Engineering

    Provide administrative support to the Department Chair and faculty, assist students with departmental issues, and serve as the first point of contact for various internal and external constituencies.

  • Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Frugal Innovation Hub
    Allan Báez Morales

    Frugal Innovation Hub

    Manages the Frugal Innovation Hub's administrative operations, identifies and build relationships with organizations (from the private and public sector), and identifies and defines project options for students and faculty. Provides project management support to FIH projects deploying solutions at communities and coordinates the Frugal Innovation Gigs (FIGs). Acts as the liaison between SCU’s Travel Advisory Committee (TPAC) and SoE's international traveling proposals, promotes community outreach to engage local organizations and schools on STEM, humanitarian technology and Frugal Innovation. Develops, supports and participates in special initiatives internationally as well as local, and coordinates the Humanitarian Task Force of the International Association of Jesuits Schools.

  • Director of Digital Media Technologies
    Nicole Morales

    Dean's Office

    Member of the Engineering Communications and External Relations team in the Dean's Office. Responsible for digital marketing including social media, website, and digital signage. Assists with graphics for events and marketing collateral. Also responsible for advancing the school through use of available and emerging technology.

  • Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives
    Rima Nemechek

    Dean's Office

    Responsible for all aspects of faculty affairs, managing our administrative staff, and overseeing our strategic initiatives and School priorities.


  • Programs Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM
    Ricardo Padilla, Jr.


    Provides leadership and management for outreach and programming related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and supports efforts to improve DEI enrollment, retention, and experiences in the STEM fields.

  • Manager of Recruitment and Outreach
    Joanna Padua

    Graduate Programs

    Primary contact for prospective students looking to apply to or need assistance in applying to our Graduate Engineering program. Responsible for planning and organizing recruitment and outreach efforts such as Zoom information sessions, virtual appointments, electronic communications, and admissions announcements.

  • Research Associate
    Julia Scott
    Provides oversight and assists in the development of research initiatives in partnership with industry and other external collaborators.
  • Center Lab Manager
    Shaun Snyder

    Center for Nanostructures

    Responsible for overall CNS operations to accommodate research and teaching for the SCU community and outside users. CNS is an interdisciplinary cleanroom facility for research and teaching in nanoscale science and technology.

  • System & Security Administrator
    Chris Tracy

    Engineering Computing Center

    ECC and WAVE: Linux/UNIX, Networking, Security, Virtualization, HPC, Research Computing, Automation, Storage, Remote Access, Performance Tuning, Technical Architecture and Troubleshooting/Debugging

  • Assistant Dean for Graduate Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    Stacey Tinker

    Graduate Programs

    Responsible for the long term planning, development, coordination, and implementation of graduate recruitment, enrollment management, marketing, and student services strategies to achieve enrollment and student services goals across the School of Engineering.

  • Director of Undergraduate Programs
    Shane Wibeto

    Undergraduate Programs

    Responsible for services and programs to support undergraduate engineering students and departments. Coordinate course scheduling, undergraduate bulletin updates, senior capstone funding and conference planning, internal transfer applications, engineering tours and prospective student engagement, first-year peer advising program, alumni/ae mentoring program, communications to engineering undergraduates and support for engineering student organizations.

  • Lab Manager
    Brent Woodcock

    Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering

    Responsible for maintaining and operating the laboratory facilities used for Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering instruction and research. Regularly maintain, calibrate equipment, and instrumentation. Responsible for safety in the laboratories and provide formal laboratory instruction to students.

  • Director of Dry Laboratory Operations
    David Zheng


    Directs dry lab operations of STEM, including the dry labs of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Physics; Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering; and Center for Nanostructures. These dry labs are located in Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, Alameda Hall, Daly Science, and Heafey/Bergin Hall.

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