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Department ofElectrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

From nanobots to the national grid, electrical and computer engineers create the systems that power and control our world

The field of electrical and computer engineering is vast, and the recent renaming of the department to electrical and computer engineering more accurately characterizes its breadth. It covers the design, construction, and operation of every kind of electrical component, circuit, and system - from fundamental control systems to management of power grids, from simple embedded systems to modern networks and the internet of things, from simple signal processing to machine learning, from basic computer architecture to large configurable systems using FPGAs and GPUs. It's integral to modern life and necessary if we are to build a more sustainable world. Where better to become an electrical and computer engineer than in the heart of Silicon Valley?

At Santa Clara, you will study with distinguished faculty members who bring global challenges and state of the art experience to their classrooms and research. They've developed a curriculum that is both practical and innovative, and takes care to address ethical and societal impacts of engineering.

You will get hands-on experience in well-equipped modern laboratories and project spaces as well as through our co-op program, internship opportunities, and independent projects.

Our Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees all offer specializations, and our graduate certificate programs provide a quick way to become skilled in a specific area.

SCU EE graduates are highly sought-after for their technical knowledge and leadership skills here in the Valley and beyond.


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Alex Austin ’07 (B. S. electrical engineering) is co-founder and CEO of Branch Metrics.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering
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