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Department of Electrical Engineering

From nanobots to the national grid, electrical engineers create the systems that power our world.

The field of electrical engineering is vast. It covers the design, construction, and operation of every kind of electrical component, circuit, and system. It's integral to modern life and necessary if we are to build a more sustainable world. Where better to become an electrical engineer than in the heart of Silicon Valley?

At Santa Clara, you'll study with distinguished faculty members who bring industry challenges to their classrooms and research. They've developed a curriculum that is both practical and innovative, and takes care to address ethical and societal impacts.

You'll get hands-on experience in facilities like the Nanoelectronics, Intelligent Control, and Electron Device Laboratories as well as through our co-op program, internship opportunities, and independent projects.

Our Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees all offer specializations, and our graduate certificate programs provide a quick way to become skilled in a specific area.

SCU EE graduates are highly sought-after for their technical knowledge and leadership skills here in the Valley and beyond.

Mugging for the camera, from left: Matthew Allen, Kevin Read, Sam Billett, and Maryam Khanbaghi

Building A Better Nest

Noticing so much popular attention paid to the Nest Learning Thermostat and facing the challenge of their year-long capstone project, electrical engineering seniors Matthew Allen, Sam Billett, and Kevin Read fixed their laser-like focus on fuzzy logic.

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    Francis Quinn Hare, Beeta Modarressi, Martin Chuang

    Mission to Mars

    Electrical engineering seniors Martin Chuang, Frances Quinn Hare, and Beeta Modarressi are working with NASA/Ames Research Center to design a portable, battery-operated, and wirelessly controlled potentiostat to be used in conjunction with a biological fuel cell that may, one day, be sent to Mars.

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