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Samiha Mourad Leadership Program

Generous in her mentorship of any who sought her help, her door was always open to all. In particular, her female faculty colleagues found Sami to be a “pillar of support,” a patient listener, and a wise counselor who helped them navigate their own career paths.

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With the establishment of the Samiha Mourad Leadership Program for electrical and computer engineers, the School of Engineering will enhance its ability to cultivate the next generation of highly skilled professionals with the expertise, professional maturity, and leadership abilities our industry partners so urgently need.

Through expert panels, guest talks, workshops, and industry mentoring and networking activities, undergraduate and graduate-level electrical and computer engineering students will learn to adapt to workplace challenges while honing their communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Students who take part in the Samiha Mourad Leadership Program will:

  • Hone their technical skills through real-world applications
  • Gain perspectives on emerging technologies in their fields
  • Develop stronger leadership skills and communication abilities
  • Strengthen connections within the greater Silicon Valley professional community
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the impact that technology has on society

The 2022-2023 Mourad Fellows with Professor Shoba Krishnan.

Meet the 2022-23 SoE Fellows

Tyson DeCastro '24

What advice would you give to future Mourad Fellows or those applying to the program?

“My best advice for future Mourad Fellows or those applying for the program is to just go all in on the program. Put in the work and really listen to what others have to say, both about their own experiences and what they think might help you out. You'll learn so much and gain priceless experiences that will help you well beyond your years at SCU.”

Julia Espinosa '24

Why did you apply for the Mourad Leadership Program?

“I applied for the Mourad Leadership Program because building professional development skills and a wide network is invaluable in today's industry. While I am consistently exposed to technical equipment/skills in my classes, I didn't have an established place to work on my professional knowledge and skills. I also think it has been sometimes challenging to be one of so few women in this field, and one of an even smaller number of Hispanic women, so finding a space of mentorship and guidance is extremely important to me.”

Olivia McConaghy '24

headshot of olivia mcConaghy

What have you learned from the overall experience of the Mourad Leadership Program?

“I have learned that pretty much anything is within reach. Meaning if there is something I want to achieve, someone I want to meet, a job I want to have, or a project I want to complete, I am fully capable of it so long as I put my attention in the right direction and am not afraid to ask for help every so often. There are always people willing to help you and that want to see you succeed, you just have to find them.”

Zia Malangalila '25

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What have you learned from the Mourad Leadership Program?

“I think one of the most valuable things I learned was participating in mock interviews. This gave us a time to practice and understand what interviewers are looking for when they are interviewing.”

Maya Murphy '25

What advice would you give to future Mourad Fellows or those applying to the program?

“A piece of advice I would give to future fellows is to be okay with not knowing. You do not have to know your exact path, emphasis or field of study just yet and I know that that can be scary, but everything will come with time.”


The Samiha Mourad Leadership Program is open to both undergraduate and graduate electrical and computer engineering students with concerted effort to recruit those from traditionally underrepresented groups, including women, minorities, and first-generation students. Students will receive an email in the spring quarter with instructions on how to apply.

samiha fellows 2021-2022

Emma Berry '23

Why did you apply for the Mourad Leadership Program?

"I felt that as a woman in STEM (especially as one who identifies as LGBTQ+), we are quite underrepresented in our field/major... By enrolling in this program, I felt I could further-pursue my own academic goals, while possibly inspiring others like me along the way. I'm one of the only transgender women (that I'm aware of) within the School of Engineering, and I want to set a good example/inspire others like me in the future."

Sofia Brumbaugh '23

Why did you apply for the Mourad Leadership Program?

"As a woman in STEM, I have always felt that I need to work hard in my technical skills and that often leaves little time to develop the soft skills to help further my career. I also believe that connections and a good network are crucial for success today and this fellowship was a great opportunity to get connected with SCU Alumni and Professors who also are passionate about helping underrepresented communities in Electrical Engineering succeed."

Terrin Cramer '23

What is the single most valuable or important thing that you have learned or experienced through the Mourad Leadership Program?

"That you are never alone, and that if you ask there will always be people willing to help you."

Keeshan Rama '24

What have you learned from the experience of the Mourad Leadership Program?

"...Exercises like the Industry Presentation were extremely helpful because it forced us to research different paths within electrical and computer engineering that resonated with us. Additionally, I have gained access to a group of mentors that can push and mentor me in the right direction."


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