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Our Master's, Doctoral, and certificate programs are intensive, hands-on, and in tune with the future of the field.

We accept undergraduates with degrees in engineering, mathematics, and related fields.

M.S. program

Our Master's of Science program offers three areas of emphasis: Circuits and Systems, Electronics, and Microwave Communications. Each track shares a core curriculum but requires different electives.

We offer full-time and part-time options. You will design an individualized program to meet your career goals with advice from your faculty advisor.

Engineer's Degree

More advanced than a Master's, our Engineer's Degree is a high-level terminal degree designed for practicing engineers. It requires 45 additional units beyond the course of study for the Master's as well as publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

Ph.D. Program

For those seeking to pursue an academic career, our Ph.D. program emphasizes independent research with support from our renowned faculty. We expect all candidates to complete within eight years, but most finish in significantly less time.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs provide intensive graduate study of a narrow topic. At roughly one-third of the units of a Master's degree, you can complete a certificate more quickly. Certificates include ASIC Design and Test, Analog Circuit Design, Digital Signal Processing Applications, Digital Signal Processing Theory, Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, and Microwave and Antennas.

These programs are appropriate for students working in industry and seeking to update their skills or for those interested in changing their career path.