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Department ofElectrical and Computer Engineering

Power and Control Systems


The electric utility industry is probably the largest and most complex industry in the world. Would you like to understand how this network operates and how it can be controlled? Would you like to know what it will take to integrate renewable energies into the grid in order to have cleaner and more sustainable energy?

The Power Systems sub area in the Electrical Engineering Department at SCU will cover the essentials needed to understand this complex system and industry. 


What do you think autonomous cars, space shuttles, robots, IoT and airplanes have in common? They have sophisticated control strategies that for non-engineers is explained as sophisticated software.

Control is a fundamental discipline that underlies all our lives. It aims at clarifying its far-reaching power, pursuing various new and exciting applications, and exploring new methodologies that contribute to the advancement of human lives.

Control courses offered at SCU help students learn and understand not only advanced control theory that is used in the industry, but also how to implement control strategies in the digital framework.

Faculty-in-Charge: Dr. Zecevic & Dr. Khanbaghi