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Department ofElectrical and Computer Engineering

RF and Applied Electromagnetics

RF and Applied Electromagnetics

From 5G and the internet of things to automotive radar, high frequency and wireless systems are pervasive in nearly every aspect of modern technology.  To prepare engineers for careers in these contemporary fields, the RF and Applied Electromagnetics program provides the fundamental theoretical and applied knowledge for design, analysis, and implementation of high frequency circuits and systems.

The courses offered in this focus area span from design and development of RF frontend of wireless systems. There are two defined subarea tracks in RF / Microwave Circuits and Antenna Systems.  Both tracks contain fundamental courses microwave and electromagnetic theory, specialized depth courses, and suggested mathematics and engineering electives selected to broaden expertise with relevant related topics.  Integrated into each track, numerous courses in our Applied Electromagnetics category cover special topics such as: computational electromagnetics, bio-electromagnetics, magnetic circuits for autonomous vehicles, and signal integrity. Thesis and directed research units are also available for students interested in conducting research and thesis projects in emerging areas of RF and applied electromagnetics.

Faculty advisors: 

Dr. Timothy Healy & Dr. Kurt Schab (electromagnetic theory, numerical methods, antenna optimization)

Program planning information for subarea tracks

RF/Microwave Circuits

The focus of this track is to provide the fundamental knowledge and depth needed to design the active and passive components and circuits for the RF frontend of a wireless system.

Antenna Systems

The focus of this track is to provide the fundamental knowledge and depth needed to design the antenna systems including fundamental single antenna topologies, arrays and multi-antenna systems.S

Special and Applied Electromagnetic Topics

In addition to the course series in the subareas of RF/Microwave Circuits, and Antenna systems, a set of courses focusing on important emerging areas in RF and Applied Electromagnetics field are offered. These courses give students the opportunity to explore one or more of these exciting new fields.