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Department ofGeneral Engineering

General Engineering

The Department of General Engineering and the associated degree program is designed for those interested in a career involving engineering knowledge with more flexibility than a specific engineering discipline. Rather, this modern, project-based, engineering curriculum spans many areas of engineering to create adaptable engineers with practical skills. Students will acquire the ability to work as members of a team towards successful attainment of a common goal, as well as develop their oral and written communication skills. The program culminates in a year-long multidisciplinary senior design course sequence consisting of a project based largely on student interest and faculty input.


  • You have an interest in various different engineering disciplines and would like to diversify your skill set as much as possible

  • You are passionate about the engineering design and innovation

  • You want to concentrate your studies on a non-typical discipline in engineering (humanitarian engineering, entrepreneurship and engineering, etc.)

  • You wish to further your engineering knowledge as it relates to engineering’s impact on society and your specific learning pursuits. 



Announcing: Career Launch, A Curriculum Development Project Funded by the Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.




Led by: Jessica Kuczenski, School of Engineering; Christelle Sabatier, College of Arts and Sciences; Sean O'Keefe, Leavey School of Business

This course will teach students how to create relationships with professionals to accelerate their career exploration, tap into the hidden job market, and build self-confidence related to career. Career Launch is a social enterprise that was incubated at Santa Clara University and scaled through Sean O'Keefe's participation in the Bronco Venture Accelerator. The purpose of the course is to teach and guide students to be intentional and proactive to build professional relationships from scratch as a means to access the hidden job market. Students will learn how to access companies and organizations they are interested in. As a result of the course, students will increase their self-confidence and professional skills to access the hidden job market.



Student Newsletter- Creating a Unique Major in General Engineering


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