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Department ofGeneral Engineering


Bachelor of Science General Engineering 

The Bachelor of Science General Engineering degree program provides students a technical degree with concentrations designed to meet the needs of the individual student, especially those preparing for interdisciplinary engineering work or graduate study in fields such as law, medicine, business, or education. As such, our program offers a wide variety of courses that introduce students to engineering and engineering design while providing students with the ethical framework to understand the current and future needs of society.  are committed to advance the state of knowledge through active, problem-based academic activities relevant to the engineering profession and the local and global community. Students will customize their degree to concentrate on an area of interest and culminate their learning experience with a multidisciplinary senior capstone design project that particularly focuses on the integration of their learning with the needs of society.

The bachelor’s degree program in general engineering requires completion of 189 units. In addition to fulfilling the University Core Curriculum requirements, students use electives (including engineering electives) to focus on an area of interest within engineering or to combine engineering with other areas. The requirements of the major are listed below.


  • ENGL 181

Mathematics and Natural Science

  • MATH 11, 12, 13, 14

  • AMTH 106 or MATH 22 

  • AMTH 108 (or other approved upper-division mathematics elective)

  • CHEM 11 or 11T, 11L

  • PHYS 31, 31L, 32, 32L, 33, 33L


  • ENGR 1, 1L

  • ENGR 110

  • BIOE 111

  • CENG 41, 43, 43L

  • COEN 10 and 10L (or other approved programming course and lab including COEN 11, CSCI 10, OMIS 30)

  • ELEN 21, 21L, 50, 50L, 115, 115L

  • MECH 10L, 11, 12L, 15, 15L, 121

Design Sequence:

  • ENGR 193 or ENGR 197A

  • ENGR 163 A&B

  • ENGR 194, 195, 196 or ENGR 197B-D

With permission, you may alternatively choose from one of the following options:

  • BIOE 194, 195, 196

  • CENG 192A, 192B, 192C, 193, 194

  • COEN 194, 195, 196

  • ELEN 194, 195, 196

  • MECH 194, 195, 196



  • 36 upper-division units defining a coherent concentration, selected in consultation with an academic advisor

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